Since 1993 ITALY-FRANCE GROUP has been operating as a specialist in the internationalization of multinationals and SMEs in France and Italy.

Our group operates on a managerial mandate (CEO, Management) on behalf of presidents, CEOs, shareholders and investors in the management of:

  • Enterprises internationalization
  • International market development
  • Creating branches and subsidiaries
  • Corporate & Public Affairs
  • Venture Capital, Private Equity, Investment Management, Capital Fund activities
  • Analysis and strategy : Competitor analysis, mapping, audit, due diligence


For ITALY-FRANCE GROUP, professionalism is based on three fundamental values:

a deep knowledge of the dynamics of the sector and the macroeconomic scenario, sectoral and functional skills gained in the field, an understanding of the contexts in which our customers operate and their corporate vision.


Through its branches, ITALY-FRANCE GROUP holds the most important entrepreneurial and institutional network operating between Italy and France (major industrial groups Italy-France, multinational companies operating in France and Italy, personalities from the financial, governmental and institutional world, media and VIP).


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